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Next stage in immuno-oncology:

Developing products that focus immune activation at the site of tumors, sparing the life-changing side effects of systemic immune activation.

Nammi Rationale

Nammi Therapeutics Scientists believe that the key challenges facing immunotherapies for cancer treatment are:

  • The redundancy of regulatory pathways controlling immune functions that require intervention in multiple processes in order to stimulate and maintain an effective anti-tumor response

  • Severe, sometimes fatal, systemic toxicities that arise with potent immune modulating combinations that are administered systemically, and

  • Determining optimal combinations in large clinical studies is met with high costs, both in terms of money and time.

​Therefore, Nammi has developed 3 key criteria for developing novel immunotherapy platforms and products that distinguish our products from others in immunotherapy.  All Nammi immunotherapies:

  1. Are designed to enable modulation of multiple immune functions in different cell types

  2. Incorporate mechanisms of maintaining the immune agents in an inactive state in circulation, while allowing them to be activated at the tumor site

  3. Provide a mechanism for selectively targeting the therapeutic to the tumor environment

MIC General-4-with background.png

Nammi Team

Nammi has assembled a world-class scientific team that has led innovation in the key technologies for Nammi and has led oncology discovery and development teams in large Pharmaceutical settings like Novartis and Astellas.


In addition, multiple Nammi Directors have previous experience founding biotech companies that have developed approved therapeutic and diagnostic products and have led to successful exits for investors.

Scientist in the Lab

Nammi Platforms

Nammi has two complementary platform technologies allowing them to target different classes of immunotherapies to tumors in a selective manner.

Masked ImmunoCytokines (MICs)

A tumor antigen targeting antibody fused to a masked cytokine with direct anti-tumor killing capability and immune response initiating activity, where the mask is selectively cleaved within the tumor microenvironment.


Prodrugs of Immune modulators formulated as combinations in lipid-based nanoparticles.


Nammi Products

Masked ImmunoCytokines (MICs)

QXL138AM:  An anti-CD138 targeting antibody fused to IFNa2 cytokine that has a masking peptide attached via a protease cleavable linker.


SLNP-IC1: A Solid Lipid Nanoparticle incorporating a Doxorubicin prodrug (IC1) 

NTI-121: A Solid Lipid Nanoparticle incorporating a Doxorubicin prodrug (IC1) and a Toll Receptor 7 agonist prodrug (TR12) 

Contact Us


Main Office:
Nammi Headquarters
10940 Wilshire Blvd Ste 600

Los Angeles, California 90024

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