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QXL138AM: Image

Anti-CD138 antibody is fused with IFNα2 at the C-terminus of the Ab heavy chains, a peptide mask that binds theIFNα2 and competes with its interaction with receptor is attached to the C-terminal end of the interferon by a linker that is cleavable by proteases enriched in the tumor microenvironment.

Selective targeting of cancer in a few different indications where CD138 is upregulated on the cell surface. Kills targeted cancer cells while having less overall toxicity in the body compared to recombinant interferons.

QXL138AM: Research

QXL138AM: Anti-CD138-IFNα2-Mask

QXL138AM: Features

QXL138A/AM: In Vitro Function

HEK-Blue IFNab Reporter Assay

QXL138AM: Features

QXL138A/AM Efficacy in Human Myeloma Xenografts

QXL138AM: Features
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